Bridge into the Woods

Our contribution

We support your organization in discovering the bigger picture so that you can navigate complex change to stay relevant in a sustainable future.


How do we support you?

We believe in three main pillars that will support you in discovering the bigger picture. These pillars are centered around your stakeholders, your team and the methods you use to get results. Find out more below.

Understanding your Stakeholders

Through comprehensive user-centered research, you are equipped to better understand your stakeholders and their needs. Your stakeholders play an important role in discovering the bigger picture and navigating change.

Facilitating Interactive Workshops 

Unlocking your teams' innovation potential through engaging formats tailored to your industry. These workshops will support your team in structuring their knowledge, making sense of stakeholder needs and developing new approaches.

Introducing Agile Methods

Using agile methods, your organization stays flexible to adapt to changes and deliver tangible results that have been tested in an iterative process. Real world testing will help direct resources to the projects that really drive change.


Our world is changing. Achieving sustainable development, tackling climate change, understanding interconnected systems and using digitalization for good are just a few of the challenges we are currently facing. Established organizations find themselves in a world in which they have to rethink their business as usual in order to adjust to new circumstances like rising commodity prices, environmental regulations and evolving customer needs. We at Sustained Thinking believe that by supporting organizations in discovering the bigger picture in which they operate, they can identify and tackle their challenges and be prepared to stay relevant in an ever-changing environment.