Our Services

Discover the bigger picture. Navigate change. Stay relevant.

User Research

Understand your Stakeholders

Through user research, you will better understand your stakeholders' needs and ambitions and can thus provide them with a better experience when dealing with your organization. Together we will identify your key stakeholders and set priorities for the research phase. Our experienced colleagues will then conduct the research and will provide you with a comprehensive summary. The summary outlines fields of opportunities as well as customers expectations which we can use to further understand the bigger picture and take action.

Interactive Workshops & Design Sprints

Tackling your challenges effectively

Leveraging innovation methods like Design Thinking, we will customize workshops in which your team can explore the problem landscape, identify challenges and discover fields of opportunities. Our workshops support you in going from recognizing a challenge in the bigger picture to prototyping solutions in a fraction of the time and resources usually needed.


  • Create space for reflection and action

  • Elaborate what Sustainability means for you and your business

  • Identify what you are already good at and how you can use that in order to stay relevant in a sustainable future

Agile Methods Training

Stay Curious. Stay Flexible.

To navigate an ever-changing environment your team will need the right tools and mindset to discover and benefit from the numerous interlinkages within the bigger picture. Agile methods help your team to explore challenges, understand correlations and prototype and test solutions. We are experts in Scrum & Design Thinking and use these tools to support your team in having the framework they want to embark on the journey while having the flexibility they need in order to navigate change.